About Us

Who we are?


aaf Exim is a Global Trading Company established in 2013, aims to focus on enhancing the Economic growth of India across different verticals by Exporting Agro Products which are Organic in Nature.

Raaf Exim as a Strategic Associate helps to develop sound Exporting Strategies, Find the right Agro product and utilize the best Agrarian in the world (Indian farmers).

Most importantly our Experience and expertise will help the pecuniary growth of the spice capital (India) to deploy and integrate any import solution quickly and seamlessly.

Raaf Exim has the Expertise to export all Agrarian products with impeccable quality and support the importers with an indomitable demeanor.

Raaf Exim deals with the following products such as Basmathi and Non Basmathi rice, Dry Red Chilli, Coir products and Spices.

Raaf Exim has the caliber to Export the Agro Products in Large Volumes Both economically and within the stipulated time schedule.

Raafexim is leading and rapid growing company in Export business.

Why Choose Us?

1. What we do

We make it a point to have close knit relationship right from the grass root level and hence we have a wide reach up till the fields and farms where the agricultural product is grown. We ensure perfect information and timely updates so you can make the best decision when buying premium agro goods

2. Our Goal

We promise to be singularly passionate about stretching our limits, So our importers’ business can fly higher.
We pledge to focus on all resources at our disposal into business benefits that truly increase the business performance of each importer.

3. Our Team

A dynamic team of professionals driven by passion, values, innovation and backed by competence with proven excellence in the entire business solution development cycle Presales, Requirement Mapping, Grading, Purchasing, Shipping and support.
We believe that we can offer our clients not just great importing solutions but also a committed, Full-time support.

Our Skills

Quality Products / 100%
Best Pricing / 90%
Timely Shipment / 95%
Execution Expertise / 85%
Resolute Commitment / 85%