India, the land of rich diversity and cultures is also known for its fragrances and spices. God has blessed this country with various seasons, flavors and aromas. Somewhere around the mid-fifteenth century, some curious farmers grew a special brand of rice called ‘Basmati.’ And, since then the aroma of Basmati has been bewitching the entire world with its unique taste and fragrance.
The tradition goes on and the new breed of Basmati is watered by perennial rivers and grows under the special care of traditional farmers. So far, many experiments have been done to improve the quality of Basmati Rice, but its inherent taste remains the same – as it was a few centuries ago.
By virtue of its geographical position, water and soil quality plus special weather conditions, this rice is different from other rice varieties. It is grown only in Northern India.

In India, Basmati rice is characterized by extra long, superfine slender grains having a length to breadth ratio > 4.3, sweet taste, soft texture, delicate curvature and an extra elongation with least breadth-wise swelling on cooking. This highly aromatic rice is India’s gift to the whole world.

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