India produces around 40 lakh metric tons (mts) of onion annually and is the 2nd largest onionrproducer in the world , first being China. India doubled its production during the past two decades, raising from the order of 20 lakh metric tons in 1974 – 75 to 40 lakh metric tons in 1994 – 95. The share of Maharashtra in the production of onion is around 30% of the country’s production, producing around 12 lakh mts annually in recent years. We are the leading Indian Onion Supplier in the world.
The export from Mumbai is largely of Nashik/Pune region onion. Nashik and Pune onion is also exported from ports of Kandla, Mundra, Okha, Veraval( all in Gujarat) and from Madras, Nagapattinam and Tuticorine of Tamilnadu State. Of the Southern varieties, around 50,000 mts Podisu.

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